Tuturu – Weaving Pegs (Wood)

Tuturu - Weaving Pegs (Wood)

Tuturu were used traditionally by Maori to aide in the creation of Muka (flax fibre) works including Kahuhuruhuru (feather cloaks), Korowai (Muka cloaks) and Taniko (knotwork).

These particular examples were created by Kipa for the travelling exhibition ‘Te Aho Mutunga Kore – The Eternal Thread’ which included numerous significant works related to Raranga (weaving) by some of New Zealand’s most renowned Maori makers.

Title: Tuturu – Weaving Pegs (Wood)
Date: 2006
Materials: Maire, Sequins
Size: (1), 630mm x 50mm x 50mm, (2), 580mm x 50mm x 50mm
Price: POA
History: These works, featured in the Eternal Thread, travelled around NZ, the U.S and Canada. The exhibition finished in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2007.