Radiare Whare



Radiare inside 2

The Radiare Whare (Meeting House) is an autobiographical exploration of self using Maori architectural conventions. The traditional view of the whare was as a metaphor for the human body; the rafters represent ribs, the ridge-pole as the backbone and the maihi (bargeboards) as the arms.

Title: Radiare
Description: Australian Hardwood, Teak, Auto paint.
Size:6m x 6m
Price: POA
History: This work was created for the Inaugural exhibition ‘Star Power’ for the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art (Denver MoCA) Oct 07.

Whalebone – Patu

patu paraoa

Patu Paraoa (Whalebone club) were highly prized objects which were often owned by tribal chiefs or celebrated warriors. Many were given the name of a cherished tipuna (ancestor) and handed down from generation to generation. This Patu by Kipa includes all of the iconography seen on a traditional patu of this type but also incorporates a number of contemporary variations. In place of paua commonly used as an insert in the eyes of the manaia (bird) forms Kipa has placed corian(TM). He has also reworked many traditional carving patterns bringing the piece into the 21st Century.

Title: Whalebone – Patu
Description: Hand-carved whalebone Patu with corian(TM) inlay.
Price: POA

Tuturu – Weaving Pegs (Wood)

Tuturu - Weaving Pegs (Wood)

Tuturu were used traditionally by Maori to aide in the creation of Muka (flax fibre) works including Kahuhuruhuru (feather cloaks), Korowai (Muka cloaks) and Taniko (knotwork).

These particular examples were created by Kipa for the travelling exhibition ‘Te Aho Mutunga Kore – The Eternal Thread’ which included numerous significant works related to Raranga (weaving) by some of New Zealand’s most renowned Maori makers.

Title: Tuturu – Weaving Pegs (Wood)
Date: 2006
Materials: Maire, Sequins
Size: (1), 630mm x 50mm x 50mm, (2), 580mm x 50mm x 50mm
Price: POA
History: These works, featured in the Eternal Thread, travelled around NZ, the U.S and Canada. The exhibition finished in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2007.

Whalebone – Matau

whalebone matau

This matau (fish-hook) form on a stylised shield-like base was carved from a cross section of whale-tooth. Kipa has used the naturally occurring strata, which appears in the heart of the tooth as a background for a softly modelled matau.
Title: Whalebone – Matau
Description: Hand-carved whale-tooth pendant.
Size: Assorted
Price: POA

Moko Peha

moko peha

This Moko peha was completed by Kipa in Taranaki in 2009. Peha typically cover the buttocks, thighs and lower abdominal areas and was often displayed to full effect as a challenge.

Title: Taa Moko
Description: Moko Peha
Size: Buttocks/thighs/lower abdominals

Corian Series – Ruataewhenga form

Corian Series - Ruataewhenga form

These tiki were the first that Kipa carved using the high density plastic product Corian(TM). He was specifically interested in creating new works that sought to develop design imagery and iconography that both Maori and Tauiwi (other cultures) could relate to as indicators of their connection to these lands.

Title: Corian Series – Ruataewhenga form
Description: Limited edition hand-carved corian(TM) tiki in the Ruataewhenga form.
Size: Assorted
Price: POA
History: Pieces from this limited edition are in a number of private collections and the permanent collection of Te Papa Tongarewa – The Museum of New Zealand.

Resin Series – Tatau form

Resin Series - Tautau form

Resin Orange - Tautau

Resin Purple - Tautau

Resin Pink - Tautau

This work is a derivation of a very old example in the New Zealand Canterbury Museum collection and was developed from a Corian original hand crafted by Rangi Kipa.

Title: Resin Series – Tautau form
Description: Talisman/Taonga
Size: 60mm x 47mm x 11mm
History: Developed from a Corian Rangi Kipa original
Price: POA